Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do not go gently into that good.....Blog.

Brother can you a spare a classic line? Gentle readers. Thank you for your patience. Gloomy economic forecasts, a national election, and piano lessons (yes, Virginia there is a reason for a middle aged guy to finally overcome a lifetime of procrastination and take piano lessons!) have prevented me and my muses from partaking of this particular passtime for some time now. I have been compelled by gentle nudges to resume the blog. We will be doing some highlights of the DFW restaurant scene, and some profiles of the chefs of Savor Dallas coming up. I would greatly appreciate any comments you might have about the event if you have attended, or information on new restaurants you have tried that should be a part of Savor Dallas. Or, at least turn us on to a favorite new spot. We need to get out and dine, dine, dine for the sake of the economy. Thank you. Remember: Life is uncertain. Have dessert first. Be well.

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