Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome back to the Brown Food Bowl!

Welcome to our blog! The guy who covered the Dallas-Fort Worth restaurant and wine scene for 10 years on KRLD NewsRadio 1080 ("The KRLD Restaurant Show with Jim White" figured the blogosphere was ripe to share some food and wine comments with friends (and friends in the making, we hope). Starting off....does anyone remember "The Brown Food Bowl" that Bud Kennedy and I hosted for 10 years on SuperBowl Sunday? Let's start there. The premise is simple and the name was borrowed from a Dan Jenkins statement that "...the best food in Texas is either brown or white." We chose brown, because it created a realm of interesting food talk about restaurants serving great barbecue, fried chicken, steak, burgers, and more. Want to list your favorites? Send me your thoughts. Not just limited to Texas, BTW. What are the best restaurants (and, here, you are allowed to think in loose terms when interpreting what constitutes a "restaurant") for BARBECUE, STEAK, BURGERS, RIBS, even MEXICAN FOOD counts! Oh, don't forget DESSERT (life is too short to omit chocolate). Have fun. Let me hear form you. If you have photos and website addresses, even better. Let's all figure out where to the get the best BROWN FOOD. Cheers! And, bon appetit!